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D2.2: Final report on ontology development for MyPlan
Details for D2.2: Final report on ontology development for MyPlan
NameD2.2: Final report on ontology development for MyPlan

Previous work in WP2 was concentrated on user modelling issues and on developing the first version of the Lifelong Learner Ontology (LLO).  D2.1 examined user modelling aspects of lifelong learning planning, and discussed issues relevant to achieving interoperability of user models. That deliverable also presented the methodology we adopted for ontology development and the first version of the LLO ontology. This deliverable (D2.2) is organised as follows. Section 2 presents two usage scenarios developed in order to validate the version 1 of the LLO, while Section 3 discusses the findings of this validation and their impact on developing the second, final, version of the ontology. Section 4 gives our concluding remarks.  The report includes a description of the LLO in RDF/OWL and the full-length version of the UMI 2008 paper ``Towards Cross-System User Model Interoperability for Planning Lifelong Learning’’

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