The London Knowledge Lab was a leading centre for research on teaching and learning with digital technologies in a wide range of settings, on the relationship between technology, media, culture and society, and on information and knowledge management; with considerable experience in carrying out consultancy and research projects for international, national, regional and local organizations, business and the IT sector.

If you are looking for research, advice or knowledge transfer in relation to information technology, media, learning and teaching our staff at UCL Knowledge Lab and Birkbeck Knowledge Lab are ready to offer you their expertise and skills.

Our consultancies range from one-day initiatives such as training or staff development, to longer term research and evaluation projects. We work directly with organizations, businesses, local authorities and international institutions. Our past partners include government departments, local authorities, IT companies, businesses and voluntary organizations.

Consultancy Examples

Examples of previous consultancy and advisory work include:

  • Evaluation of government initiatives, for example of the roll out of Interative Whiteboards into Secondary Schools
  • The independent assessment of the impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing (DCSF/DCMS)
  • The review of Knowledge, Creativity and Communication, for the Futures programme Beyond Current Horizons Program (DCSF)
  • Foresight 2030: Technology enhanced learning for life (DIUS and DCSF)
  • Advisors to the Byron review (DCSF)
  • Contributions to several industry and open-source IT projects and frameworks in software engineering, information management and information retrieval
  • Advising the British Computer Society on the evaluation of degree programmes in the management of IT
  • Advising on pervasive computing legislation through the ACM Public Policy Committee and the OST
  • Participation in the international Green IT agenda and UK Computer Conservation Society