Dell Zhang

Dell Zhang


Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (DCSIS)
Birkbeck, University of London
Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX, United Kingdom


Office: Room 271, Birkbeck Main Building
Tel: +44 20 7631 6798    Fax: +44 20 7631 6727

Email: ****** [protected by reCAPTCHA]

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My main research interests are Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Machine Learning.
I am also keen on Cognitive Modelling and Complex Networks (such as Social and Economic Networks).

I do consultancy in the above areas either through the College's Business Relations or privately. Contact me to see how we can work together to make the most effective use possible of your data.

Affiliated research centres:

Think Big. Think Deep. Think Different.

Science walks forward on two feet, namely theory and experiment ... Sometimes it is one foot that is put forward first, sometimes the other, but continuous progress is only made by the use of both.
--- Robert Millikan

Selected Publications (with Data & Code)

Blog - Research on Search


Machine Learning [Research Methods] (2015/16 Autumn)
Cloud Computing (2015/16 Autumn)
Information Retrieval and Organisation (2015/16 Spring)
Python [BGRS & BPSN Course] (2015/16 Spring)


Students committed to distinction are welcome to contact me for final project ideas.

PASCAL2 Challenges
ECML&PKDD Discovery Challenges
ICDM Contests
INFORMS Data Ming Contests
ICWSM Data Challenges

Kaggle Competitions
TunedIT Challenges


SigBrain: a Special Interest Group at Birkbeck college working on information Retrieval, pattern Analysis, machine Intelligence, and complex Networks (SigBrain).
SigBrain Group SigBrain Site

Martyn Harris, Andrius Mudinas, Steve Poulson, Karl Prior, Suneel Kingrani, Adam Foster.
Mahyar Bordbar (MRes).

Martin O'Shea, Natraj Raman, Ilias Bertsimas, Bill Williams, Shuaib Wariach.

We are actively looking for PhD students with strong mathematical background and significant programming experience. Of particular interests to us are those who are hard working and like to be challenged intellectually. Please send me your CV if you are interested.
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PhD in Computer Science Programme: PhD Applications and PhD Studentships
China Scholarship Council

Research 101 (Compiled by Prof. ChengXiang Zhai)
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MSc Information Technology Programme Director.

Please contact the Admissions Tutor Sergio Gutierrez Santos for enquiries about admissions.
Please contact the Programme Administrator Liam Simmonds for enquiries about administration.

There is a pre-term primer course An Introduction to Computer Science available in September.

Induction Session


Prof. Wee Sun Lee


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